Panhellenic Recruitment 2020

Panhellenic Primary Recruitment is the formal process through which potential new members (PNMs) consider sororities and sororities choose new sisters. The Primary Recruitment period is comprised of multiple rounds where potential new members visit each of the eight chapters on Penn's campus. Through a process of mutual selection, students narrow their choices until they are matched with a sorority following the last round. Panhellenic Recruitment typically starts just before the spring semester. 

There are two major periods in which Panhellenic recruits new members to it's sororities; Continuous Open Bidding (COB) in the Fall semester, and Primary Recruitment in the Spring Semester. All second-semester freshmen, as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors, including sophomore transfers, are eligible to participate in Primary Recruitment if they meet the eligibility recruitments outlined by OFSL. Fall COB is only open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Remember that individual chapters may have different academic standards for membership.


Penn Panhellenic is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who identifies as a woman is given full opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of sorority life, regardless of her race, religion, background, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, etc.

2019 Flip Book coming soon!

Why join greek life?

Greek life at the University of Pennsylvania  is an inclusive community that helps to students to make Penn their home. Supported by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority life and the Panhellenic Council, sorority life at Penn is a truly enriching experience no matter what chapter you join. 

Panhellenic sororities offer members a wide array of opportunities and benefits. These include philanthropy and community service events, social activities, academic scholarships, potential housing, a supportive mental health environment, and a national network of that will be there for you wherever life takes you. 

Be it always having someone to sit with in class, a friend to bring you soup when you're sick in bed, or seeing a sea of familiar faces smiling back at you in the crowd during your big game sorority life builds close friendships, and memories that last a lifetime!



Every year over 400 new women join a sorority on campus, adding a new chapter to their story. What will yours be? Learn more about recruitment by reading our flip book!



JAN 17

Convocation/Open House


JAN 18

Sisterhood Round 1


JAN 19

Sisterhood Round 2


JAN 20

Philanthropy Round


JAN 21

Preference Round


JAN 22

Bid Day!!!
Common ATTIRE:

Below are examples of what you can expect others might be wearing. There is not a dress code for recruitment, we only offer suggestions to help if you are wondering what to wear to help you figure out what to wear. Remember that it is January so remember to dress warmly, we want you to feel confident be able to express your personality. Feel free to reach out to your Rho Gamma once assigned before recruitment begins if you have any concerns, but please do not fixate too much on what to wear. Most importantly; dress comfortably, be yourself, and remember to stay warm!

Open House

Wear something that you feel confident in, as if you were going out to dinner with your family.

Sisterhood Round

Dress is casual- sweaters, boots, jeans, and blouses are all appropriate

Preference Round

Due to the nature of the event, dress is more formal. A nice cocktail dress, skirt or pants and blouse are more appropriate.  

Philanthropy Round

Casual attire, similar to Sisterhood Round. Think meeting up with friends for lunch!

FRequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What if I have a schedule conflict?

Please adjust your schedule to be at all events for the full duration of recruitment. If this is not possible due to class, religious observance, athletics, or other extenuating circumstance, complete the following form as soon as you are aware. All conflicts will be submitted via this form, regardless of their timing. Submitting your conflict will help us customize your schedule to help you maximize attendance but does not guarantee you will not miss events. Link

What is a Rho Gamma?

A Rho Gamma, or a "recruitment guide" is a woman chosen by Panhellenic Council because of her understanding of the Panhellenic community and ability to serve as a source of support for potential new members going through recruitment.  Rho Gammas have temporarily disaffiliated from her sorority in order to give unbiased advice to PNMs throughout the entire recruitment process. "Meet Your Rho Gamma" is an event that will be held on December 9th in Bodek Lounge where you will meet your rho gamma and get to know eachother. 

What kind of time commitment is being in a sorority?

Although each sorority is different, most sororities are what you want it to be. As fellow students, we understand your obligations to academic, personal, and social lives and model the way to balance other involvements with your commitment to sorority life. 

Do sororities haze?

Sororities respect and value the dignity of all women. Penn, OFSL, and PHC all prohibit hazing and enforce the Anti-Hazing policies of the University. 

Does being a legacy guarantee me a spot in a particular sorority?

No, being a legacy does not guarantee that a potential new member will be offered membership in her family member’s organization.

Do I need any other materials other than the ones listed in registration (like letters of recommendation etc)?

Nope, fill out the requested information on MyCampusDirector and just show up and be yourself!

Where do I sign up for Formal Recruitment?

Register here at: